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James O'Malley's  "Nod To Bob" Show-----

".....You were FANTASTIC Mr. O'Malley! FANTASTIC I tell you & what a great touch to have Corrin there on the reeds. Beautiful. You threw down those Dylan tunes with abandon. Working Man's Blues!! Are you kidding me???? WOW! Your brain is still working my man -- keep up the great work."...Steve Kureczko


James O'Malley's latest  CD

"The Writer Remains"


Produced by Pete Kennedy

Cover of "The Writer Remains: CD



"....New York songwriter James O'Malley's aptly titled and beautifully crafted new record, "The Writer Remains" (his fourth), is a highly awaited amalgam of newly written songs dedicated to life, love, and the inevitable joys and hardships we often struggle with throughout our lives.

    Why this guy's music isn't on constant rotation on playlists in those great airwaves in the sky is beyond me. In many ways, "The Writer Remains" is O'Malley's seminal work, where finely-woven melodies are bound within his warm tapestry of rhythmic poetry and prose.

    If there is such a genre as modern artisanal folk music, O'Malley is its indisputable pioneer. These are easily his best written (and played) songs to date, with uncluttered arrangements that cloak each tune in silken gossamer. Clearly, it is this hugely talented songwriter's time to shine. Precisely because the writer, James O'Malley, does indeed remain."    

                                  --Ralph DiGennaro (Contributing Writer to Paste Magazine)  



   "....You know James O'Malley if you know what it's like to be in love for decades, to work a job to keep your family going and while finding a little time to feed your muse. Likewise, James knows you and sings your songs. His voice may seem familiar, gently reminding you of Paul Simon. He weaves narratives in details that convey profound sweetness as if it was an ordinary thing. "Little Gold Watch" is a quintessential James O'Malley song, in which he invites his wife to an anniversary party at work. "Without you there'd of been no me,/ for twenty-five years with the company./ So in your beautiful dress and those sparkling eyes,/ I want them all to see the reason why,/ they could count on me each and every day,/ it wasn't the work, it wasn't the pay." Here is an artist who knows how to take sweetness seriously. O’Malley’s melodies catch your attention from the first listen. If "classic rock" was still being invented, "I Could Find You in My Sleep" would top the charts for a whole summer. “The Writer Remains” is autobiographical in that he actually worked as a rigger at the Brookhaven National Laboratory, but he sells himself short in this song by merely identifying himself as a songwriter. He is an accomplished finger-style guitarist whose singing will remind you of a genial Paul Simon and his engaging stage presence makes him a must see performer. The album is produced by Pete Kennedy, who lets the vocals and guitar tell his stories with just a light touch of instrumental support. This is O’Malley’s best work yet, but seeing how you and James already know each other, you’ve probably already decided to pick up a copy of this extraordinary album!"  

                                                      ---Michael Devlin (Music Matters Review 2015)





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