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Photography By James O'Malley

Songwriter               James O'Malley             CDs / Video




  The Writer Remains  (2015)                 Tales To Tell  (2009)              If Only In My Dreams (2005)                 I'm Ready (2001)









1. Everything About Me

2. Beautiful You

3. Newville News

4. Sometimes Ya Gotta Play the Fool

5. Little Gold Watch

6. I Could Find You In My Sleep

7. Last Night I Had The Strangest Dream

8. Gotta Love A Woman

9. The Writer Remains

10. Dangerous

11. Where Do You Find True Love?

12. Jackpot

13. If I Don't Have The Blues By Now

1. Is That The Sun?

2. Song For Pete Seeger

3. Just Like a Woman

4. Wrecking Ball

5. There Was  A Girl

6. Hell Hath No Fury

7. Allen Jones

8. Crickets

9. Open A Window

10. Give A Broken Heart A Break

11. The Night You Fell In Love

1. Who's That Singin'

2. Rest

3. Sailing

4. A Little Room To Breathe

5. If Only In My Dreams

6.You Never Will

7. Living Here In June

8. If She's Got Something To Say

9. The Sun In The Morning

10. Let's Get This SHow On The Road

11. If Heaven Aint This Nice

1. If I Aint Got The Blues By Now

2. There's No Place That I'd Rather Be

3. Letting Go

4. Jimmy And John

5. My Junk Drawer

6. My First Car

7. Mama Didn't Raise No Fool

8. Patty Please

9. The Gift Of Knowing

10. I'm Ready

11. Don't Say A Thing Like That

12. Always Loving You

13. Wild Wild Heart

14. Always Tomorrow

Living Here In June
Just Like A Woman video
Beautiful You
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